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Can Tempurpedic Mattresses Cause Back Pain

Change Your Sleep Position

Tempurpedic Mattress And Lower Back Pain – The Pain I Experience In My Lower Back Area

Sleep positions are hard to change and what works and doesn’t work will depend significantly on your mattress. For example, if you’re on a firm mattress, sleeping on your side may not be a great option for you .

All other things being equal, back sleeping is the best sleeping position for relieving sciatica pain. This is because side sleeping can put more pressure on your lower back/lumbar region, as well as your thighs and knees.

Most people identify as side sleepers, but they may fall asleep on their back and then turn to their side throughout the night, which can cause a sciatica flare-up.

If youre trying to sleep on your back, you can do a few things to help you adjust:

  • Sleep on a thin pillow. If youre used to side sleeping, chances are youre on a thicker pillow with more cushioning. This worked for you when you were on your side because you had a gap to fill between your head and the mattress. But on your back, that gap is nearly non-existent, and that thick pillow will make you uncomfortable.
  • Elevate your legs. Elevating your legs is highly beneficial for your sciatica and it also helps you stay on your back throughout the night.
  • Change your mattress. If your mattress is too soft, your hips may sink in too much when youre on your back, causing you to switch to your side. If youre looking for a general mattress firmness recommendation for back sleepers, we recommend a medium to medium-firm mattress.
  • What Kind Of Support Does A Saatva Mattress Need

    Saatvas support core consists of thick Bonnell coils , which are made of high-density foam around the perimeter. This suit creates a solid, stable foundation that is good for heavy sleepers and improves overall edge support. For added flexibility, the Saatva has a 10cm layer of individually wrapped micro coils.

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    What Makes A Mattress The Best

    The best mattresses should provide an excellent balance of comfort, support, motion isolation and breathability. The TempurPedic Cloud mattress is the best foam mattress because it provides excellent air circulation and excellent movement isolation. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is the best hybrid mattress with excellent edge support and motion isolation.

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    Hybrid Mattresses Can Offer The Best Of All Worlds Combining Coils With A Top Layer Of Foam Or Latex Or Both Foam And Latex

    Pros:Deliver the medium firmness preferred by back pain sufferersBetter at cradling the body than the innerspring mattressesProvide more buoyancy than memory foam mattresses

    Cons:Hybrid mattresses tend to be quite expensiveSalespeople sometimes falsely claim that the more coils the better the mattress.

    How The Right Mattress Can Cure Your Back Pain

    Best Tempurpedic Mattress Back Pain

    Now that weve discussed how to tell if your mattress is causing back pain, weve found some advice on how to choose a bed that will relieve AND prevent back pain. Researchers in Spain recently studied people with long-term back pain and found that people who slept on a medium-to-firm mattress had less pain than those who prefer a soft or firm mattress. In an interview with NBC News, Gerard Varlotta, director of sports rehabilitation at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Medical Center, explained why the findings make sense.

    There needs to be an equal distribution of pressure, he said. Too firm of a mattress is not good. It doesnt provide enough contour to our bodies. Too soft is going to bend and cause problems as well.

    But of all the medium-to-firm beds out there, its hard to tell which brands and models are best. One thing to look for is a material thats been proven to help back-pain sufferers sleep.

    Sleep expert Michael Breus, PhD, says latex is a great choice. In WebMDs article How to Pick Your Perfect Mattress, he says, Quite frankly, I think one of the best materials is latex. Breus goes on to say that latex is firm and supportive, yet provides comfort similar to memory foam. But latex pushes back whereas memory foam doesnt, ultimately providing more support.

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    How A Mattress Topper Can Help

    In a 2003 study, researchers found sleeping on a medium-firm mattress reduces lower-back pain and is superior to a firmer surface, depending on your weight. Investing in a medium-firm mattress topper can greatly improve your sleeping environment without having to buy an entirely new mattress, making it an affordable, easy and convenient solution.

    A mattress topper wont magically fix your hip pain or address its underlying cause, though for that, you should visit your doctor. It also wont fix structural issues with your mattress. If its sagging or pocked with indents, invest in a new mattress, as a topper wont be sufficient.

    The Complaint: Its Not Firm Enough/too Firm

    This complaint isnt confined to Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Bear in mind that a new bed will take an entire fortnight to break in before you get a natural feel of the sleep it can give you. There are mattress providers who wont even allow you to return the bed before thirty days of sleep trial have passed.

    If you routinely have this problem, we advise you to shop around before buying a new mattress. Go to different stores and try out mattresses so that you can see which firmness rating suits you. It might be that working out which type of sleeper you are helps you to work out what firmness rating you need.

    The Fix: Take Advantage of Sleep Trials

    If you dont know how hard you like a mattress to be, then be sure to take advantage of sleep trials to find out. The industry-standard sleep trial time is a period of 100 nights. This lets you try out a mattress over more than a single season, so you can see if it is hot or cold enough.

    Use sleep trials, try out different beds, but be wary that a returned mattress usually ends up never being resold. Tempur-Pedic offers a 90-day sleep trial, which is a little less than the industry standard. It promises that 95% of all clients decide to keep their mattresses. If you are still unsatisfied after 30 days on a Tempur-Pedic, you can return it using their dedicated returns department.

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    The Complaint: My Old Tempur

    This is another complaint we hear all too often. The older the mattress, the noisier it is likely to be. If it has springs, this can be a significant source of insomnia for an otherwise happy couple. Although Tempur-Pedic mattresses are traditionally quieter than most, the old early models get a little noisy in their old age.

    Since your Tempur-Pedic mattress can last you up to 15 years, you will start to notice the signs of wear and tear. A bed of this quality ought to be silent, so when it does make noise, its generally a sign that the mattress is reaching the end of its product life cycle. Like it or not, its time to start afresh.

    Before you go ahead and press reset on your mattress, however, make sure thats genuinely what is bothering you. Sometimes, theres nothing wrong with the bed and everything wrong with the bed frame that supports it.

    The Fix: Its Time to Upgrade that Mattress

    Shopping for a new mattress is the only way to fix this issue. If your mattress is still under warranty, send it back. If it isnt, its time to invest in a new one or some earplugs. Adding a mattress protector before your sheets might absorb some of the stray sounds in the meantime.

    Mattress Features To Look For To Relieve Back Pain

    Can A BAD Mattress Cause Lower Back Pain?

    When shopping for a mattress to help relieve back pain, some features are more important than others. With so many products and a bevy of marketing hype, it can be tough to parse out what really matters. Youre most likely to get the most satisfaction out of your purchase by focusing on certain key considerations:

    • Mattress Type: the materials and design will play a huge role in the performance of a mattress. The contouring, bounce, firmness, temperature regulation, and motion isolation of a mattress will be different for each mattress type, so it is critical for shoppers to think about their priorities and choose a mattress with components that will best meet their needs.
    • Zoned Support: weight from the body is not distributed evenly instead, certain areas tend to require more cushioning. A zoned mattress takes that into account and offers reinforced support in those areas.
    • Quality Materials: a mattress made with excellent materials is much more likely to provide the performance, reliability, and durability that people with back pain need.
    • Firmness Level: firmness is a key driver of mattress comfort and is largely a matter of personal preference. At the same time, the right firmness level can play a big part in whether a mattress offers sufficient support, and that will depend significantly on a persons body weight and sleeping position.

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    What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain

    A healthy spine serves three main functions: It protects the spinal cord, considered the bodys communication system, the nerve roots, and the internal organs of the body. It provides structural support for an upright posture. It facilitates flexible movement.

    An unhealthy spine means an unhealthy body and mind. The spinal column needs proper support at night. A well-chosen mattress can help in the maintenance of proper posture.

    The Mayo Clinic advises that there doesnt doesnt appear to be one type of mattress thats best for people with back pain. Instead, a helpful mattress is a matter of what feels most comfortable to you. According to a report by the National Institutes of Health, having a comfortable mattress and pillow can help promote a good nights sleep.

    In the 2015 Sleep in America poll by the National Sleep Foundation, people with acute and chronic pain reported that environmental factors often disturbed their sleep. The environmental factors that affect quality of sleep included noise, light, temperature, and, indeed, an uncomfortable mattress.

    Best Sleeping Positions To Cure Your Lower Back Pain With Toronto’s Best Mattress Brand

    One of the most common ailments of the back is lower back pain. People mostly attribute back and neck pains to wrong sleeping positions. Even people who purchase the best memory foam mattress complain that they still suffer from lower back pain.

    According to the Global Burden of Disease study, lower back pain is one of the key causes of disability across the globe. Whats more alarming is that most of this lower back pain is caused due to bad body posture, stress or strain on the lower body, awkward sitting and sleeping habits and poor lifestyle. If ignored, lower back pain can worsen with time, eventually leading to permanent damage. In the worst cases, one may need to undergo surgical options or back supporters for day-to-day activities.

    To prevent back ailments, make sure to incorporate a host of back strengthening exercises in your daily regimen. Also, adopt an upright seating and standing position to maintain optimum posture. Here are some specific sleeping positions that you can try to help you to get rid of lower back pain as well as improved sleep.

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    What Type Of Mattress Is Best For People With Back Pain

    What type of mattress is best for people with back pain? Think of the information provided above. You have to think about what causes your back pain, particularly if your back feels painful when you wake in the morning. It is usually because of the way your spine is aligned when you are sleeping. If you sleep on your back, your mattress may be too hard and doesnt allow your spine to retain its natural curved shape.

    A softer mattress does allow this, but if your mattress is too soft then your shoulders and buttocks will sink too far in. The small of your back might not be properly supported. Your spine can not then maintain its natural S shape when you are sleeping.

    Here is a brief discussion on the types of mattress available and their pros and cons regarding their suitability for those that suffer back pain.

    Innerspring Mattresses: This is still the most commonly used type of mattress. Avoid the softer low spring count type that you tend to sink into. You need good support, but not too hard. A medium hard innerspring mattress is a good choice for people who suffer back pain. Some find the enclosed or pocketed coil type best for them since they tend to absorb pressure on your hips, buttocks, and shoulders while supporting the rest of your body. This helps to maintain the natural shape of your spine.

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    Why Is Back Pain Worse When Lying Down

    Back Pain on a Tempur

    But why does your back pain occur when youre getting into bed? Most people who experience back pain have strained muscles. Not sitting up straight at the desk or lounging unsupported on the couch can cause specific muscles to contract over long periods.

    You may not notice it at the moment or when youre up walking around because theres no pressure on them. But when your back hits an unsupportive bed, those sensitive, strained, and damaged muscles are agitated.

    And that added pressure on the affected part of your back causes those muscles to hurt.

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    Can Memory Foam Mattress Cause Back Pain

    When it comes to physical and mental health, few things can benefit you as much as a good night’s sleep. You want to ensure that you’re comfortable the whole night through, but not all mattresses give you this feeling. As such, many consumers turn to new types of mattresses to help alleviate the tossing and turning they offer experience.

    One type of mattress that has grown in popularity over the years is memory foam. This is a tremendous option for many, but for others, there is hesitation and many questions to be answered. Because physical health is important, many consumers wonder the same thing: do memory foam mattresses cause back pain like many of the other mattresses on the market?Before you pick up a memory foam mattress, you should be sure to weigh the pros and cons. There are plenty of studies regarding the use of memory foam mattresses, but many offer mixed results based on the individual use. This is why research should be done on a per-person basis so you know what you’re purchasing. Here are some of the things you should know about these types of mattresses.

    If Your Mattress Is Causing Back Pain Sleep Natural Has Just What You Need

    If you see all the signs you need a new mattress, you owe it to yourself to check out Sleep Naturals Latex Collection. Not only are Sleep Natural mattresses better for your back, but theyre also better for your overall health. We only use plant-based eco-friendly materials like wild-harvested bamboo and natural latex tapped from local rubber trees, and foams that are CertiPUR-US certified so they help you breathe better and are toxin free. Each of our latex mattresses eliminates pressure points, promotes proper spinal alignment, and evens body weight distribution a perfect recipe for pain-free sleep.

    The Sleep Natural Integrity Plush Eurotop Hybrid. With over 2300 5-Zoned pocketcoils, 2.4 flexible micro coils, and layers of supportive latex, this mattress is made to keep your spine neutral. Add Kooling Gel Swirl Memory Foam and Outlast quilting with gel foam, and youll sleep cool and comfortable all night.

    The Sleep Natural Dream Weaver Plush. Designed to provide comfort for both stomach and back sleepers, it has multiple layers of natural latex and plush foam to make this bed comfy, cozy, and supportive.

    TheSleep Natural Starlight ET. A memory foam mattress alternative perfect for eliminating back pain in any sleeping position, side sleepers will notice their shoulders are cradled by the Supersoft and Plush latex, stomach sleepers will notice their hips dont sag forward, and back sleepers will enjoy the pressure relief on the spine.

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    When Its Not Your Mattress

    Dr Smycz gave us a heads up that if you have back pain when youre sleeping and its waking you up, you should get your spine checked.

    The bottom line: a good mattress should support the spine. If youre waking up with pain, consider these factors as it might be time to invest in a new mattress. Lucky for you,Ecosa offers a 100-day trial period of its adjustable mattressto help in your quest to avoid back pain. A good nights sleep is waiting for you!

    Can A Mattress Cause Back Pain

    Choosing a Mattress for Back Pain

    A mattress can definitely be a cause of back pain because it plays such an important role in how the body is positioned through the night. Most people know that posture is important but only think about their posture in the context of standing and sitting. This can cause them to overlook the importance of having a mattress that is the proper fit for them based on their body shape, weight, and sleeping position.

    If the spine and joints arent aligned and well-cushioned during sleep, they wont be able to relax. Instead of recovering, the body will be strained, exacerbating pre-existing back issues and sowing the seeds for new ones. The easiest way to know whether a mattress is a contributing factor to back pain is if the pain tends to be the most pronounced in the morning when you wake up. If the pain is the worst when you get out of bed and subsides during the day, theres a good chance that your mattress is playing a part in your aches and pains.

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