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Can Constipation Cause Back Pain On One Side

Does Bloating Cause Back Pain

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain On One Side?

Bloating occurs when the abdomen fills will air or gas, making your abdomen appear larger and feel hard.

Bloating can be very painful and uncomfortable, and this pain may be felt towards your back.

Your back supports and stabilises your body but it is vulnerable to strain, so it isnt uncommon to feel back pain when you are bloated.

This often happens during menstruation, pregnancy, when you have a UTI, or if you suffer from endometriosis.

When To See Your Doctor

In most cases, its possible to apply home remedies and management to back pain caused by constipation. The pain usually subsides once the blockage has been removed, though patients need to monitor themselves if theyre prone to bouts of constipation.

However, there are situations where its more advisable that you consult your doctor immediately about your lower back pain:

Pain On Right Side: Causes Treatments And When To See A Doctor

Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer Health

A feeling of pain in the right side of your chest or abdominal region usually makes many people worry. The right side of your upper body contains many vital organs like your liver, right lung, and one of your kidneys. Infection, disease, or blocked arteries can cause pain ranging from mild discomfort to sharp, stabbing right side pain. You might be concerned about any kind of acute or chronic right sided pain, but you need to know that not all causes of this pain are serious and in some cases they might be a result of common conditions such as heartburn, excess gas or muscle strain.

The right side of your rib cage protects your liver, right lung, right kidney, and gallbladder. Just below your ribs in your abdomen are most of the organs connected with your digestive system including your appendix. Disease, inflammation, or infection in any of these organs will cause pain ranging from a dull, mild ache to serious, sharp stabbing pains that can also feel like something is pressing on your chest.

Sometimes, the cause of pain on the right side isnt connected with an organ but could be caused by stress, anxiety, or damage to the nerves or muscles in your chest. Of course, many people are worried about a heart attack or angina if they suffer sudden sharp pains in their chest. However, because your heart is located on the left side of your chest, cardiac-related pain is usually felt on the left of your body.

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Lower Back Pain May Be Caused By Bowel Problems

Problems of the lower back may be related to bowel problems or painful and swollen bowels. Back pain and piercing or nagging pain in the abdomen may be attributable to swollen bowels and flatulence.

For all kinds of reasons, the stomach may feel uncomfortable and cause back problems at the same time. In turn, back problems may cause abdominal pain. The nerves of both regions run lumbar . So, they have considerable impact on each other.

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain

Pin on Pinched Nerve In Back

Do you have problems with back pain? Do you notice that your back pain tends to come when you are constipated? There may be a definite connection between the two and not just a coincidence. How are they even connected?

Why You Are Constipated

When you experience difficulty in having bowel movements or experience infrequent bowel movements, this is considered constipation. So instead of the normal bowel movements of one to two times daily, you may only have three bowel movements, or less, per week when youre constipated.

Constipation and Back Pain

When retaining fecal matter, due to constipation, your intestines may swell, which then causes an ache or discomfort in your back and abdomen.

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The strain that comes with trying to pass fecal matter can be too excessive and put pressure on your back or the discs on your spine. If you happen to already have a slipped or herniated disc, which is when the discs are loose, the pressure on your back is even worse.

Fecal impaction, which occurs when a piece of dry stool is left behind in the colon or rectum, can cause lower back pain as well. The pain can worsen the longer the fecal impaction continues.

Also consider certain conditions that may be the cause of the back pain you have, which then leads to constipation as a side effect.

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When Should I Call My Doctor

  • Constipation is a new problem for you.
  • You see blood in your stool.
  • You are losing weight unintentionally.
  • You have severe pain with bowel movements.
  • Your constipation has lasted more than three weeks.
  • You have symptoms of outlet dysfunction constipation.

Remember, talk openly and honestly with your doctor about your bowel movements and any questions or concerns you may have. Pooping is something we all should be doing. Constipation may be a temporary situation, a long-term problem or a sign of a more serious condition. Be safe. See your doctor, especially if youve noticed a change in your bowel pattern or if your life is being ruled by your bowels.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 11/07/2019.


Natural Treatments For Back Pain Caused By Constipation

Apart from lower back pain, constipation causes a number of other uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. Apart from not being able to have a bowel movement, or movements that pass only small, pebble-like pieces, constipation can cause vomiting, nausea, and a swollen abdomen.

When your constipation is causing lower back pain, its a good indication that fecal matter has impacted within the abdominal tract and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Lower back pain caused by constipation can be alleviated the following ways:

  • Add more roughage to your diet: Its becoming a problem among many Americansthey simply dont eat enough fiber. Fiber-rich foods include whole grains, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, and fruits like apples and pears. Try sprinkling some bran on your cereal or moving away from refined white bread to something with whole grains. Even drinking a psyllium fiber drink like Metamucil can assist in alleviating your constipation, which will in turn alleviate much of your back pain. A simple switch like this can make a difference along with the rest of the suggestions below.
  • Drink a lot of water: Water helps clean out the abdominal tract and gets fecal matter moving through the proper channels more efficiently. The rule of thumb is eight glasses of water over eight hours.
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments: Some people find immense relief from back pain from constipation using these alternative therapies.

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Constipation Can Cause Gas Pain

Constipation makes it very difficult to pass gas, leading to discomfort and pain. Gas pain occurs when gas builds up and cannot be expelled.

Please see constipation and abdominal pain

This gas is more likely to have a foul odor when one is constipated, which can be quite embarrassing.

Also, constipation can cause fissures in the anus, which in turn can be very painful when gas is expelled from the body.

Lower Back Pain And Constipation

Does Constipation Cause Lower Back Pain?

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If youre having trouble passing stool on a regular basis, you may have constipation. Constipation is defined as having fewer than three bowel movements per week.

The blockage in your colon or rectum can cause a dull pain that extends from your abdomen to your lower back. Sometimes, back pain caused by a tumor or infection could have constipation as a side effect.

In other cases, lower back pain may not be related to constipation. Learning more about the causes of these conditions can help you determine if theyre related.

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Can Constipation Cause Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be difficult to diagnose because it can have so many potential causes. Since our lower back houses crucial skeletal structures, muscle groups, and nerve endings, any lower back pain should be diagnosed and treated immediately, no matter how trivial or serious the cause.

But can a condition like constipation cause lower back pain? Its possible, but there are other equally likely causes as well. If constipation is the cause of your back pain, it may indicate a more serious issue with your digestive system that needs treatment.

Q Can Constipation Cause Back Pain

Many patients complain of lower back pain when constipated. Causes connecting the two may include:

  • Muscle strain from trying to force a bowel movement
  • Pressure from abdominal bloating, gas, and swelling

If you already have a back condition, straining to defecate can make it worse. Abdominal pain is common when constipation has your digestive system backed up.

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Link Between Lower Back Pain And Bowel Problems

When we talk about bowel disorders, we are referring to conditions that affect your small intestines. Bowel disorders can also affect other parts of your digestive system, like your large intestine. Bowel problems are usually caused by smoking, diet, microbial and immunologic factors, and a family history of Crohns disease.

The most familiar symptoms of bowel disorders are abdominal pain, swelling, bloody stool, constipation, diarrhea, and gas. What many people do not realize is that bowel problems are also related to lower back pain. The truth is that bowel problems and lower back pain are inextricably linked. This is because the nerves of both the back and the abdominal area run through the lower part of the spine.

If you suffer from abdominal pain and bloating, it is likely that you also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. In addition to the classic symptoms like bloating and gas, individuals with IBS often develop extraintestinal symptoms, or symptoms that involve parts of the body beyond the gut. This can include sleep problems, headaches, trouble urinating, fatigue, muscle pain, pain in the pelvis or jaw, and back pain.

Can Constipation Cause Internal Damage Or Lead To Other Health Problems

Top 10 causes of lower back pain you should know

There are a few complications that could happen if you dont have soft, regular bowel movements. Some complications include:

  • Swollen, inflamed veins in your rectum .
  • Tears in the lining of your anus from hardened stool trying to pass through .
  • An infection in pouches that sometimes form off the colon wall from stool that has become trapped and infected
  • A pile-up of too much stool/poop in the rectum and anus .
  • Damage to your pelvic floor muscles from straining to move your bowels. These muscles help control your bladder. Too much straining for too long a period of time may cause urine to leak from the bladder .

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Can Constipation Cause Left Side Back Pain

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Common Causes Of Left Side Back Pain

Chronic Pain Management

If you have lower left side back pain, then you are amongst the millions of people who experience this every day. It is a widespread problem, but the good news is, everyone can find relief from their pain. The only question is, how? What is the best way to eliminate lower back pain? A lot of people ask themselves this question, and we explore in this article we will try to find the answers.

Several factors can cause lower back pain, but the main ones that cause problems are muscle imbalances, joint and spine weakness and lack of movement . On one side the muscles can be tight and stiff, and on the other side, they can be weak and soft. This typically will cause muscle imbalances. There are more causes of lower back chronic pain, and for those who have it, it may be quite difficult to find treatment for the relief if you do not know where to look. For those experiencing lower left side back pain, or any other areas of the lower back, these may be the issues below:

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Ectopic Pregnancy And Abdominal Pain

Ectopic pregnancy, in which a fertilized egg gets implanted outside the uterus, often results in right-sided abdominal pain.

Unlike appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy is often marked by cramp-like pain, and sometimes even shoulder and neck pain.

Vaginal bleeding is also a common symptom of an ectopic pregnancy.

Additional reporting by Deborah Shapiro.

Can Ibs Cause Back Pain How Are The Two Related What Are The Treatments For Ibsand Can Those Therapies Help Ease Discomfort In Your Back

2 ways to relieve ð©constipationð© & Back Pain

Irritable bowel syndrome may not be life-threatening, but anyone who says its not life-changing has probably never experienced the gas, bloating, abdominal pain and changes in bathroom habits the condition causes.

As if that werent enough, many people with IBS also develop symptoms outside of their intestines. One of the most common of these is back pain.

Can IBS cause back pain? How are the two related? Most important, what are the treatments for IBSand can those therapies help ease discomfort in your back? Heres what you should know.

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Pain In The Right Side When To See A Doctor

The reasons for experiencing pain on the right side of your body are many and varied. If right-sided chest pain and abdominal pain persist and natural remedies dont give you relief, you should visit your doctor.

Dr. Jennifer Robinson on WebMD advises that persistent upper body pain can be a sign of a serious health condition and needs professional medical advice.28

You should see a doctor for pain in the right side of your upper body if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A sudden crushing pain under your breastbone
  • Any type of chest pain that radiates to your left arm, jaw, or back
  • Along with the right-side pain, you have nausea, dizziness, or a rapid heartbeat
  • You have signs of an infection like a fever or chills
  • Your urine is a red or pink color and/or you have pain urinating
  • You have swelling in your abdomen
  • You pass bloody stools
  • Your chest pain doesnt go away

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Difficulty In Bowel Movement

Aside from the frequency of bowel movements, the difficulty of stool evacuation should also be considered. If youre having trouble with your bowel movements, it could be that the stool inside your digestive system has become too large to push out. Forcing a bowel movement in that situation can cause serious damage to your rectal lining.

Under no circumstances should you consider self-medication unless approved by a doctor. While laxatives and other medications can help alleviate mild symptoms of constipation and lower back pain, any serious or chronic back problems should always be diagnosed by a medical professional first.

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What Causes Back Pain

It isnt always possible to identify the cause of back pain, but its rarely anything serious.

Most back pain is non-specific, which means there is no obvious cause.

Other types are mechanical, meaning that the pain originates from the joints, bones or soft tissues in and around the spine.

Non-specific or mechanical pain is sometimes caused by poor posture or lifting something awkwardly, but can sometimes happen for no reason.

Causes And Risk Factors

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain On One Side?

Diverticula form in weak areas of the intestinal muscles. They usually arise in the sigmoid colon. This s-shaped section of the large intestine is roughly 40 to 45 centimeter long and found just in front of the rectum. The contents of the intestine put the most pressure on the muscular wall here.

Some people are more likely to develop diverticula because of their genes. Further risk factors include weak connective tissue and problems with the wave-like movements of the intestinal wall. Older and very overweight people are at greater risk, too.

The influence of lifestyle factors hasnt yet been properly determined. A diet that is low in fiber can lead to constipation and hard stools, so it seems logical that too little fiber should increase the risk of diverticular disease. Eating a lot of red meat, smoking and not getting enough movement are also believed to be risk factors.

Its still not clear how diverticula become inflamed and what increases the risk of this happening. But inflammation is believed to be more likely in areas of reduced blood supply and if hard lumps of stool form in the diverticula.

Complications are more common in people who have a weakened immune system or severe kidney disease. The long-term use of particular medications probably increases the risk of more serious complications. These medications include non-steroidal , steroids, acetylsalicylic acid and opiates.

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Foods That Frequently Cause Gas

For example, cramping abdominal pain is commonly due to gas and bloating. It’s generally not caused by something serious , and may be followed by diarrhea.

“Colicky pain,” or abdominal pain that’s severe and comes and goes in waves, is typically the result of kidney stones or gallstones.

If your pain isn’t localized to a specific area, and instead you feel it in more than half of your belly, you may have a stomach virus, indigestion, or gas. Sometimes stress or anxiety causes vague, nonlocalized abdominal pain as well.

If that pain becomes more severe over time, or your abdomen becomes swollen, it could be the result of something obstructing or blocking your large intestine.

On the other hand, if your pain is only found in one area of your belly, it’s possibly due to an issue with one of your organs, such as the gallbladder, pancreas, appendix, or stomach.

The way the pain evolves over time can also be useful in determining whats causing it. Certain conditions tend to cause acute pain over the course of hours or days, while other conditions cause pain that comes and goes but doesnt necessarily worsen over time.


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