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Are Purple Mattresses Good For Back Pain

Helix Midnight Lux Hybrid Mattress Best Overall

VLOG: Purple mattress unboxing 5 month review// Best mattress for low back pain *not sponsored*

Helix Midnight Lux Hybrid mattress check todays price

Best for all sleep positions, people who toss and turn

  • 100-night trial
  • 15-year warranty

The Helix Sleep company offers 6 hybrid mattresses in different firmness levels and varying amounts of plushness.

The Helix Midnight Plus falls in the middle of this range and is just a bit firmer than average making it a great fit for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers with back pain

Side sleepers will also get adequate pressure relief at the shoulder and hip area.

This model has a great balance of comfort and back support youll enjoy a ton of pressure relief without sacrificing spine alignment.

The Helix Midnight Lux 12-inch mattress includes:

1. Breathable cover with Tencel technology that increases airflow and keeps you cool

2. Comfort layer slow-moving, high-density memory Plus Foam with a medium feel

3. Support layer Gel Visco

4. Transition layer Polyfoam allows for a natural sinking of your shoulders, and thighs

5. 1000+ pocketed coils that allow for good lumbar support and edge support


Pricecheck todays sale price on the official site

Recommendations For Heavyweight Sleepers

Its always important to consider ones size and weight when searching for a mattress customers want to make sure that their new mattress will properly support heavier weights. This is even more important when discussing mattresses for back pain, as larger people require even more support under their lumbar area so that they dont get out of alignment. Out of these 10 mattresses, three really stand out among the rest for heavier sleepers.

  • Helix: Although we recommended the Helix Midnight Luxe, heavier sleepers should seek out the Helix Plus, the brands bed designed specifically with larger people in mind. It has that medium firmness that those with back pain should be searching for, but is also incredibly supportive and offers the necessary lumbar support.
  • Saatva: This is also a fantastic match because it features a nice balance of comfort and support. Heavier back sleepers should receive excellent lumbar support, with the mattress conforming to the curves of their body. As for heavier side sleepers, their hips should sink in the right amount, and the memory foam should press up to fill in their gaps and keep the spine in proper neutral alignment.
  • WinkBed: With its supportive coils and plush top, heavier people should also find the WinkBed to be a good fit. Specifically, they should consider the WinkBed Plus, which has high-density Body Impression-Proof foam and even more support in its coils.

Person Size And Sleep Position Suitability For Purple Mattress

The table below evaluates the Purple mattresses for person size and sleep position. It shows what is often true for Purple owners your own personal evaluation may differ. See the mattress firmness guide for details based on your specific body type. And people of below- and above-average size, see the mattress guide for large and small people.

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Moving A Purple Mattress Is A Two

Its likely that youll need someone to help carry your new mattress to the bed and lift it onto the bed platform.

Purple mattresses are heavy, especially the larger sizes, which can weigh 200 pounds. When its first delivered, the mattress comes compressed in a big roll with carrying straps on the package to make it easier for two people to carry.

If youre moving, Purple has moving tips on how to wrap and carry your mattress for short and long-distance moves or storage.

Motion Isolation And Noise

Best Mattress For Back Pain (Plus 10 Other Mattresses)

Surprisingly, the Original Purple mattress does a pretty good job of limiting motion transfer. You might not think so, given how responsive and sort of bouncy the polymer top layer is, but the bed actually passed our tests easily. It also doesnt make any noise, virtually none, which is standard with most new online beds nowadays.

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How Firm Is The Purple Mattress

In terms of firmness, honestly, its hard to rate the Original Purple bed given the unique characteristics of the polymer top layer. However, if you really pulled our collective arms, wed say its about a medium on the firmness scale. Overall, the Purple mattress finds a really nice balance between pressure relief and support.

Best Foam Mattress For Back And Neck Pain

Nolah Original 10 Inch

  • Type: foam
  • Height: 10 inches

If you have back and neck pain, you need a mattress that provides excellent pressure relief, and thats just what the Nolah mattress aims to do.

According to the company, their specially designed foam provides four times the pressure relief of standard memory foam in three key zones: shoulders, back, and hips.

This foam is also made without viscoelastic chemicals the chemicals in memory foam known for trapping heat and creating a sinking in feeling for a neutral temperature. Several reviewers confirm it does stay cooler through the night.

Reviewers have plenty of good things to say about this mattress. Several people mention significant improvements in back and neck pain and rave about the great sleep theyre getting. Others praise the motion isolation and the supportive edges. The firmness also feels just right to many: soft enough for comfort yet sturdy enough for support.

That said, dedicated stomach sleepers and people who weigh more than 200 pounds may want to consider a firmer option for added support.

The Nolah mattress is engineered for durability to provide comfort and support for years to come. Since the company offers a 120-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty, youll have plenty of time to make sure the mattress really does relieve your pain.

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Bear Hybrid Best For Muscle Recovery

Best for side sleepers and back sleepers

  • 100-night trial
  • 20-year warranty

The Bear Hybrid is one of the best when it comes to balancing comfort and support, and is a great pick for side sleepers and back sleepers with back pain.

Heres why:

The top layers are very soft and comfortable, and the coils are supportive enough for a wide range of body weight.

The celliant cover is excellent at dissipating heat and the cover is also quilted with a very soft gel foam that adds to comfort and support.

The foams in the Bear Hybrid are all CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are more eco-friendly than traditional foam.

The Bear Hybrid 14-inch mattress includes:

1. Soft cover layer woven with celliant fiber and quilted with cooling gel foam with a cloud-like feel

2. Premium Comfort foam layer provides excellent pressure relief

3. Responsive transition foam layer separates the sleeper from the coils layer underneath, provides airflow and pressure relief

4. Quantum Coil System Layer highly supportive, durable, and breathable, allows for motion isolation

5. Base high-density support foam

  • Great balance of comfort and support best for side and back sleepers
  • Good edge support
  • Uses cooling hand-quilted Celliant technology
  • All foams are certified eco-friendly
  • 100-night trial with free shipping and returns, 20-year warranty


Not the best fit for stomach sleepers due to the soft cover layer

Price Check todays sale Price on the official site

What We Love About The Purple:

Purple Mattress Vs Lower Back Pain – Buy or No Buy?
  • The Purple Mattress gives you a unique feel of relieving pain and pressure around areas of soreness and also providing cushioning and support. This is a pro of having a hybrid bedyou get the best of both worlds.
  • Customer service for Purple scored a 9 out of 10, meaning that they are ready and willing to answer any questions and concerns you may have about purchasing or owning a Purple mattress. It makes the buying process less stressful when you know youre purchasing from a reputable company with helpful employees.
  • Because the Purple bed is a hybrid mattress, it is a great cooling mattress, better than all-foam beds, and increasing breathability and airflow.

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What Is The Right Mattress For You

You are most likely questioning what the right cushion for you is. There are several types of beds, as well as each style has its benefits and drawbacks. Memory foam bed mattress supply stress relief to those who experience from back discomfort. Still, they can be hot as well as uneasy in summertime. On the other hand, springtime mattresses are cooler than memory foam however do not offer pressure relief.

To figure out which mattress is best for you, you need to initially find out your needs and your resting setting. You ought to likewise know about the different kinds of bed mattress that exist before choosing which one to get. There are bed mattress for back support, side assistance, as well as more that are offered for both of these needs.

Does The Purple Mattress Sleep Hot

The Purple bed scores an 8 out of 10 for cooling, meaning that the mattress does a great job of regulating your body temperature and keeping you cool throughout the night. This is due to the structure of the foam layers which have a large, open cell structure designed for promoting airflow and breathability.

The responsive knit cover on the top layer of the mattress is also a breathable design that pushes air away from your body, so you wont have to worry about night sweats with this bed.

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Best Mattress For Back Pain 2022

Purple offers a unique and comfortable mattress for all your back pain needs. With our patented GelFlex Grid technology, you’ll sleep better than ever. We know how important sleep is, especially comfortable sleep. And if you suffer from back pain, it can prevent you from getting the best sleep possible. This is why we designed our mattresses to support nearly any sleep position, comfort preference, and price range. When you get a Purple mattress, you get quality sleep.

My Purple Hybrid Mattress Complaints

July 6, 2020 Best Mattress For Back Pain 2020

I will say that the Purple mattresses dont feature the best motion isolation out there. While this isnt a dealbreaker, if youre really easily disturbed at night you might want to opt for a more traditional memory foam mattress, which will do a better job absorbing motion.

I do also want to note that a few customers have complained about the original Purple mattress sagging and forming indentations. I think the Purple Hybrids will be a bit more durable thanks to their innerspring coil layers, but heavier folks especially might want to opt for a different mattress if this is a concern. If you decide to purchase any Purple bed, ensure you place it on a solid platform, not a box spring, and rotate it 180 degrees every few months to increase its lifespan.

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is made of a few layers, including:

1. The base foam layer has to be highly dense and of high quality.

2. A pocketed coils layer allow for the bounce and responsiveness and prevent motion transfer, which means that you can move freely and your spouse will not feel it.

3. A support layer to support pressure points critical for back support and pressure point relief located between the base layer and the comfort layer.

4. A comfort layer


If the memory foam layer is not thick enough there will be no support for the shoulders and thighs, and this will take your spine out of alignment causing back pain.

Memory foam allows your body to sink into it, and bounces back when you leave it. It allows for more comfort, even though its basically dense and supportive.

Latex vs. Memory Foam

Latex is a type of natural rubber, combined with synthetic material. There is no such thing as a 100% natural latex. A high-quality latex layer will have at least 80% rubber.

Latex mattresses feel firmer and are a better choice for people who prefer a firmer mattress, that doesnt allow your shoulders and thighs to sink into it.

Purple Mattress Review Breakdown

The Purple is an all-foam mattress available in one firmness level, which is medium-firm. Sold at affordable prices and delivered directly to your door, the Purple is a good option for customers seeking comfort on a budget. Through the use of Purple Grid technology, the Purple mattress provides sleepers a mix of contouring and responsiveness. Its available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes.

The Purples comfort layers are made up of 2 inches of Purple Grid on top of a 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. Its support core is made of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam . Combined, these layers excel at providing pressure relief to sleepers. The cover is made of a polyester-viscose blended fabric. Altogether, the Purple measures 9.25 inches in height, which is average and fits standard sheet sets.

The Purple Grid is a unique technology created by the Purple company that consists of hyper-elastic polymer molded into a grid shape. The Purple Grid contours to the body like memory foam, but feels more responsive. Spaces in the grid allow for airflow, making the Purple a cooling mattress. All-foam mattresses tend to trap body heat, but that isnt a problem with the Purple.


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What Is The Difference Between It And The Usual Mattress

Purple is available in a variety of sizes, including twin and California King. It also provides the famous cushioning their unique fabrics provide. The Purple grid is the most fundamental aspect of the features that make Purple an exceptional mattress since it behaves similar to memory foam, however it provides the bounce of memory foam but is more flexible. This layer is manufactured in a grid system that allows airflow to pass through the spaces between the foams, which regulates temperature , without compromising your overall cushion.

The mattresss construction is exemplary. Each mattress is constructed with a 2-inch Purple proprietary grid on top of an additional 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. This is further supported by 4 inches of high-density polyfoam, the standard for all foam mattresses, to provide the complete cushion form and shape.

This construction is enhanced by a poly-viscose blend fabric that helps to regulate temperature and provides a great cooling sensation. You can expect each mattress to be around 9.25 inches in height and thick enough to fit most body shapes, and suitable for most standard sheet sets.

The Amerisleep As1 Mattress

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain & Sciatica 2021

The plant-based Bio-Pur material keeps sleepers cool all night and features an open-cell design to allow more air to circulate and wick away warm air. The Bio-Pur is available in every Amerisleep mattress, provides a healthier sleeping experience and offers responsive support to back pain.

The layers of the memory foam have a better bounce back in the mattress so you dont feel stuck when you move during sleep. Sleep better knowing the mattress will relieve painful pressure points and prevent heat build-up.

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How To Choose The Best Hybrid Mattress

Many people believe that the best way to buy a new mattress is to go to a store and lie on a few mattresses and see how it feels.


Lying for 2-3 minutes on a mattress is not enough to determine if its a high-quality and back-supporting mattress.

In fact, youll have to try it for at least 14 nights before you understand if its the right choice for you, thats why all companies offer a trial period.

And most importantly:

You have to know all about the mattresss materials, different layers, thickness, density, presence of toxic chemicals, and more.

Well give you all the details in each review youll find below.

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Best Hybrid Mattress For Back And Neck Pain

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

  • Height: 12 inches

Several key features make the AS2 hybrid mattress a great choice for pain-free sleep.

Its eco-friendly foam is engineered to provide support and keep you cool. According to the company, this foam keeps air flowing through the mattress to reduce pockets of trapped heat.

The mattress is also designed to be responsive, so it bounces back quickly, making nighttime movement easier. Several reviewers say this mattress conforms to the body without making them feel stuck in one spot.

The company says the mattresss zoned support reduces pressure at your shoulders and hips, and it firmly supports your back for essential spinal alignment. The lower foam layer is firm, adding extra support for stomach and back sleepers. This also helps distribute body weight evenly across the mattress.

A few reviewers found this medium-firm mattress too firm for their taste, but, by and large, people love the support it provides. Several people say it felt a little firmer than expected but found this a more than fair trade for the quick pain relief.

Reviewers also praise the low motion transfer, with several saying they couldnt feel their partner move at all.

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A Flippable Mattress That Offers Two Levels Of Firmness

  • Materials: Memory foam, support foam
  • Firmness level: Soft on one side, medium-firm on the other
  • Trial period: 120 nights

Laylas mattress has a four layer construction, including a 4.5-inch layer of support foam thats specifically aimed at keeping your back aligned. This layer also combats the sinking feeling that you get with other memory foam mattresses, so you dont feel like youre dropping too far into the mattress when you sleep. The mattress is flippable, with both a soft and firm side . That said, back pain sufferers will likely feel the most comfortable on the firm side.

Memorial Day sale: Get up to $200 off when you buy a Layla mattress this weekend. If you bundle your purchase, youll save even more.


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